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28. februar 2014

Poem #7 - "Little snowball (hate)"


New question for you!

What's your favorite poetry-blog?

This was a piece written a month or so ago, which I brought into an online workshop to work it through. After I had improved it, I got banned from the site for no reason at all, goodbye stupid poetry site! After that I changed it back to the original form, as they changed the original meaning, from making it be about a feeling of hating getting bigger, to a little sweet poem of life. So here is the original poem, about hate, and not about life as a whole, enjoy!

"Little snowball (hate)"

Little snowball.

I mourn throughout the journey,
look back
and fall into a pit of dispair

Medium snowball.

Voices get louder, angrier.
I fail being an actor,
-tripping over words as I speak

Bigger snowball.

Rolling down a hill I grow.
I grow bigger with my surroundings,
negative energy is what I feed on.

Biggest snowball.

It's approaching town fast.
Children hiding and adults scream.
No one can help you when it hits.

such a cool relief to my burning sore.

26. februar 2014

Poem #6 - "Success"

As the feedback on the former poem was big, here is a new question! Thanks a lot for the many comments about my poem #5, i really appreciate it! You guys really make this site alive, and motivates me to keep on writing! 

What do you see as success?

This poem was written TODAY as a part of the midweek motif on the site Enjoy, I haven't used much time to edit it, but I think I did a great job anyways!

//EDIT! Also posted on for their monthly open link night!

We listen to the marching rhythm of the work force
traveling it's way to the waterhole.

They greet, drink and feed of each others suits and ties.
Appearance is a sign of the content-less poets.

Listen to the writing of the lone accountant prowling on its prey.
Money is a helpless animal
hunted by
the modern carnivores.

We're haunted by a constant stabbing in the back,
social creatures you might say.

Do well 
Do good 
Do better 
Do best

Success is what we make it
birds learning to fly

Success is what makes us
forming armies of student loans and self-abuse.

Success is what drives us
blows cool air in our face at much needed times

Success is what it is
a never-ending fear of failure molding us into brutish creatures.

23. februar 2014

Poem #5 - "Joy"


Do you write poetry yourself? If yes, who are you inspired by?

This was written just the other day, and it's dedicated to a certain person in my life, you know who you are. Enjoy everybody and as always, i would love some response!


I watch you get undressed as you sit next to me.
Your soft loving mind crawls under my skin
and stays there

The bass is pounding away as we explore
the world in our eyes.
Your smile lights up the darkness i hide beneath

My body feels numb yet alive at the same time.
We are young minds absorbing the fluids of 

You are like a never-ending waterfall in my heart
keeping me alive and sane.
My muse in this hour of thoughtless writing

We fall down, happy and euphoric about
what might bring us the next day
the day kills the night and away we
ride to the end of eternity

Perfect is an understatement for you.

Our love will keep on burning until the sun dies.

21. februar 2014

Poem #4 - "Loss"


Do you write poetry yourself? If yes, who are you inspired by?

This was written recently, not many weeks ago when i got into poetry again after a small break.


Fly on the wall
You saw who did this

Speak up!
Do not feed me with your
Spoon of hate
Plastic-like words is being
Forced through my ears
The sound of an innocent minds death
A mother is crying over her child's loss

Don't fly away
I'm not done with you
Let me torture you
For your evil doings
You've come of age at a strange time

Green blood fills the perimeter
Pigs squealing and children crying
A horse has gone mad
A girl is mad.

The scent of evil annoys me
I've given up on honesty

20. februar 2014

A Poet's Thoughts #1

A poet's thoughts.

Hello world.

As you can see I've published a few poems on this blog so far to get the blog going, and i can see a positive development going on, so i would like to introduce myself.

I'm an 18 year old male from the little country of Denmark, and i am currently studying to someday get a master in IT. In my spare time i write music/poems, and i enjoy the company of friends and my girlfriend. 

Just a few of the poems i have
written, just waiting to come
I started writing poems when i was 14-15 years old, being inspired by the movie directed by Oliver Stone "The Doors" which was about the great band by the same name. This movie got me into their music, and later on into Jim Morrison as a person. I began reading about him, and then i became interested in his poetry he wrote back then. I began writing my own simple poems and songs, and then it really took off, i began reading into great danish poets and philosophers including people like Søren Kierkegaard and people like him.

I haven't really shown my poems to anyone before, I've always kept them to myself as they are very personal to me, but the other day when i stumbled upon an old drawer of mine and found what became Poem #1 on this site, it occurred to me that i would share this with the world, even if it meant that only a few persons would read it i would be thrilled that i had shared my deepest and closest thoughts.

I plan to put a new poem online every two days or so, it depends on my schedule and if i can make it in time, but expect a poem in that window of time, i will do my best to keep the deadline as good as i can.

So please, feedback is appreciated when you have decided to read through my poems, even if its negative feedback i appreciate it, i would love to hear YOUR thoughts on my writings!

See you in my next poem.
Sincerely yours

19. februar 2014

Poem #3 - "Sometimes"


The startup of this blog is a bit slow, but what can you say, it's only the third post i make, so i'll just keep the former question as the main one untill it takes off!

Do you write poetry yourself? If yes, who are you inspired by?

This poem/song was written when i was in a band where i played the leadguitarist. I was the only one writing songs for the band, and i wrote songs almost daily, but this one went unfinished, and became a kind of poem. Enjoy!


Sometimes i just don't feel like living, this thing
Sometimes i just feel like killing, these things
Sometimes i really don't feel love anymore
Sometimes i feel that this is 
A bore
A sore
A lore
No more.

Come with me on a trip of realization
Come with me to the nearest civilization

Sometimes i just feel like starting a riot
A riot that will start burning the liars
The liars that destroyed a being of me
Will someone please help me
Through insanity
Of me
Be me
Of me


16. februar 2014

Poem #2 - "Confusion at dawn"


As there were no answers on the former post, here's the same one again:

Do you write poetry yourself? If yes, who are you inspired by?

This was written almost the same time as poem #1, and is about feelings that can invade a mind at certain times. This is one of my more "weird" poems, that might not make any sense to the reader, but keep in mind, this was around the time i was greatly inspired by James Douglas Morrison. Enjoy, leave feedback, and feel free to share.
"Confusion at dawn" 
I know you spoke to me.
At dawn.
Inside my liver.

Confess your sin!
Cast a spell on your inner voice!
Make it last into Ragnarok!

Out of paper.
Mindless robot.
Come to me and
Your Pre-

Write to the administrator as soon as 
the cinema isn't running.

15. februar 2014

Poem #1 - "The chants of a poet."


As this is my first post on this entire blog i will start a tradition where i will ask a question  before each poem has been posted. So my first question to you my readers is:

Do you write poetry yourself? If yes, who are you inspired by?

As you can see, i do write poetry myself, and i am greatly inspired my James Douglas Morrison (mostly known as Jim Morrison from the famous band from the 1960's "The Doors") I own several of his poem collections, and i have read through them numerous of times.

This poem was written approx. around fall 2012, and which is one i have just found hidden in my drawer. This was the poem which inspired me to start this blog , so enjoy, share and leave a comment with your honest opinion. I was about 16 years old when i wrote this, and after what i recall, it was in response to my own reaction to a couple of other poems i had written at the time, how and why, i cannot remember. But now onto my poem, read and enjoy!

"The chants of a poet."
Little ray of sun
Oh how you see fun
Did you experience the laughter
Of madmen beginning the slaughter?

Yell out to the masses, hitch!
That the old woman, she's a witch.
Burn her, it's her destiny
Kill the last bit of insanity.

Little poem, you seem deep
But when will you become steep?
You never learn me anything new
You just let me learn you.

Little lamb, did you taste well?
Little mom, how did you yell
To your poor creation of sin
That you failed to throw in a bin?

Rhymes make hasty decisions
Rhymes make you fall in love
Rhymes takes place in imaginations
Rhymes fly away, fly my dove.

i don't know
what to write
but i feel